About The European Federation of Psychology Teachers' Associations

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The Federation  was established in March 2004 in Helsinki.

EFPTA members mainly comprise psychology teachers' associations in Europe: in 2017, the member countries are Denmark, England & Wales, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Iceland, Scotland, and Slovakia. There are also several individual members and affiliated organisations, notably in Russia and Spain.

Click on the countries on the right to see information about their psychology courses and their psychology teachers' associations, including web addresses and contact details. If you do not see your country here, but you are a psychology teacher or you are interested in teaching psychology, we want to hear from you, so please contact us!

We organise a major conference every two years, with attendance by around 60-100 psychology teachers and students from a dozen countries. The most recent EFPTA Conference was in Prague (8-9 April, 2016) and previous conferences have been held in Berlin (2014), Copenhagen (2012), and Bratislava (2010). Our spring 2018 conference is planned for Reykjavik. See the Events pages for more info about both past and future conferences.  

The EFPTA Board (or Committee) includes representatives of all member associations and a small number of Advisors with specific expertise. Two Board meetings are held every year, either in Brussels at EFPA headquarters, or in other European cities. In addition to the association representatives and Advisors, every member of each member association is entitled to attend Board meetings if they wish, as observers.  

EFPTA receives support  from some member countries' national psychologists' associations, including Suomen Psykologiliitto (Finland) and the British Psychological Society (UK). Modest financial support is also provided by educational institutions in various countries.

EFPTA has no paid staff: organisation of events, and all ongoing administrative tasks, are carried out by Board members and colleagues on a completely voluntary basis.

Everything you ever wanted to know about EFPTA: summary Factsheet, 2014. 

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EFPTA was accepted as an Affiliate Member of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) in July  2009. View this report on affiliation, from 2009. Click here for past editions of reports and newssheets (on the EFPA site). EFPTA is represented on the EFPA Board of Educational Affairs (BEA). Click here for more details.

Psychology education at pre-tertiary and university level

Although EFPTA’s focus is on pre-tertiary (pre-university) psychology education (PTPE), we have strong links with psychology education and educators at university level. The Federation has members who are involved in psychology education in universities, often with experience of cross-border collaborative working, as a result of the Bologna Process here

EFPTA also has links with higher education (HE) organisations, including the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA), and EuroPLAT, which organises conferences and issues a Newsletter. Although its focus is primarily on university level psychology education, EuroPLAT also supports pre-university teaching: EFPTA was represented at the first EuroPLAT conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 2010, and at the second conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, in June 2012. In 2013 EuroPLAT ran several symposia at the European Congress of Psychology in Stockholm, on themes of 'Employability' and 'Psychological Literacy' in psychology education. At the 2016 EFPTA Conference in Prague, EuroPLAT provided a workshop on psychological literacy.

The 2017 EuroPLAT conference took place in Salzburg, Austria, on 18-20 September 2017, and EFPTA members gave a Symposium on aspects of psychology education at pre-university level in Europe.