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Useful websites for psychology teachers

European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations


EFPA is the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations. It provides a forum for European cooperation amongst psychologists in all fields - research, education at all levels, and professional practice. EFPTA is affiliated to EFPA.


Freud Museum, London


The Freud Museum London was the final home of Sigmund Freud and his family when they escaped Nazi-occupied Vienna in 1938. The centrepiece of the Museum is Freud’s study – preserved as it was in his lifetime and filled with Freud’s books, antiquities collection and the original couch on which Freud’s patients told him their dreams. As keeper of the intellectual legacy of Sigmund and Anna Freud, the Freud Museum London delivers a large public engagement and learning programme for students of all ages.




ESPLAT is the European Society for Psychology Learning and Teaching, an academic organisation whose aim is to advance the learning and teaching of psychology at all educational levels, and to provide a forum to engage researchers and teachers of psychology in communication and exchange. It was founded at the 2018 EuroPLAT conference in Salzburg and will continue the tradition of scholarly exchange on Psychology learning and teaching. The 2019 ESPLAT Conference will be held on 25-27 September in Utrecht, Netherlands.


European Congress of Psychology


The 2017 European Congress of Psychology was held in Amsterdam, 11-14 July. The ECP is held every two years under the auspices of EFPA (see above). In 2015 it was held in Milan, with previous events being held in Stockholm and Istanbul. Look out for ECP 2019!


Higher Education Academy (HEA), Psychology


HEA Psychology is a UK-based organisation that provides resources for psychology educators in HE. Psychology is a 'STEM' discipline (science, technology, engineering, maths).


European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations


EFPSA is a multicultural network of European psychology students’ associations . . representing the needs and interests of European psychology students, promoting scientific cooperation and cultural exchange between them.


American Psychological Association - Center for Psychology in Schools and Education


The centre promotes application of psychological science to school programmes and policies. It provides resources for teachers on classroom management, student-teacher relationships, autonomous learning etc.


British Psychological Society


The BPS is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK.


European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction


EARLI exists to support and promote an active research culture in the field of learning and instruction. EARLI enables about 2000 members from 40 countries to engage in critical dialogue.


International Association of Applied Psychology


Exists to promote the science and practice of applied psychology and to facilitate interaction and communication about applied psychology around the world.


Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards


The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) is the alliance of state, provincial, and territorial agencies responsible for the licensure and certification of psychologists throughout the United States and Canada.


European Network of Work and Organizational Psychologists


The formation of ENOP is based on the need to develop a more genuine European orientation in research and academic exchange.


International Union of Psychological Science


The IUPsyS hosts the International Congress of Psychology (ICP) every four years. In 2012 this major conference was held in Cape Town, and in 2016 will be held in Yokohama. The IUPsyS works to promote the development, representation and advancement of psychology as a basic and applied science nationally, regionally, and internationally.


European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology


The aim of the EAWOP is to support the development and application of W&O psychology in Europe and to promote cooperation between scientists and professionals working in the field across Europe.


American Psychological Association


Based in Washington, D.C., the American Psychological Association (APA) is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States. With 150,000 members, APA is the largest association of psychologists worldwide.