EFPTA - European Federation of Psychology Teachers' Associations

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What is EFPTA?

EFPTA is a federation of national and regional associations of psychology teachers in schools and colleges in European countries. Members are mainly involved in teaching psychology at lower and upper secondary levels, to school students aged c.13-19 years.


Our aim is to promote and support pre-university psychology education in Europe. To this end we facilitate co-operation and networking amongst psychology teachers, mostly via their associations where these exist. In countries where no teachers' association exists yet, we help psychology teachers to build a network and establish an association. We organise conferences and webinars, encourage student and teacher collaborative projects, conduct research, and engage with other psychologists' associations and educational organisations in Europe, including the European Society for Psychology Learning and Teaching (ESPLAT) and the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations (EFPSA). 










Get involved!

Are you a psychology teacher in a European country? Are you interested in networking with other psychology teachers across Europe, and promoting pre-university psychology education in your own country? If you belong to a psychology teachers' association, your association may already be a member of EFPTA - check the 'Associations' pages. Use the tabs above to learn more about EFPTA and find out how you can get involved in our work.